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Annual Report 2017

The Performance Augmentation Lab (PAL) seeks to close the dissociative gap between abstract knowledge and its practical application, researching radically new forms of linking directly from knowing something ‘in principle’ to applying that knowledge ‘in practice’ and speeding its refinement and integration into polished performance.

Rooted in Computer Science, the lab sets strategic focus on three interconnected areas of research. Within Human Computer Interaction, we focus on Augmented Reality and Wearable Technologies. Within the Information Systems, we design, develop, and validate Technology-Enhanced Learning, Knowledge-Based Systems, and Job Performance Aids. Within Data Science, we concentrate on Performance Analytics and Optimisation.

Over the course of the year 2017, we have grown the lab and the network around it, inside and outside of the University.
On top of consolidating the EU- funded WEKIT and TCBL projects, we have attracted more funding.

WEKIT, short for Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training, builds and validates the next generation of training technology, capturing expert experience where it emerges and sharing it with trainees intuitively, immersively, in situ.

In TCBL, short for Textile Clothing and Business Labs, we develop novel knowledge sharing technology for the sector to help innovation to spread more efficiently and effectively.

The Learning Analytics for Augmented Reality (LAAR) project will complement our endeavours on analytics and assessment.

The Augmented Reality for Formal European University Education (AR-FOR-EU) will help establish a curriculum for Performance Augmentation.

We won the University’s Research Excellence Award and a Best Paper Award.

We received an industry grant from Daqri and from Pearson Education.

And finally, just with the end of the year, we now have an artist in residence, sponsored by the Vertigo project.

2017 was a great year for the lab, but I am sure that 2018 will be equally, if not even more exciting — because Performance Augmentation is our calling!

Download the report:

Dr. Fridolin Wild
Director of the Performance
Augmentation Lab