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Course Module: Augmented Reality

This course presents an introduction to augmented reality, with an emphasis on designing and developing augmented reality application. The course will cover the history of the area, hardware technologies involved, interaction techniques, design guidelines, evaluation methods, and specific application areas. Students will be tasked with designing, developing, and evaluating their own augmented reality application as a course project.

Your grade will be based on:
– Individual assignments (50%)
– A team project (50%).

Practical assignments are made using the Unity game development platform, freely downloadable at

Course dates

  • 12 weeks of online course 4 Feb – 28 Apr 2019, including one full-time ‘blocked’ week face-to-face 18 – 22 Feb 2019


The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, post-doctoral researchers, and academic as well as industrial researchers. Students will receive credit.

You benefit from the course if you already know:

  • some basic mathematical and programming skills (Python, Java, C or C++, Unity programming or equivalent),
  • fundamentals of algorithms and data structures,
  • linear algebra, especially with respect to 3D transformations,
  • some basic 3D computer graphics,
  • or fundamentals of media, communications or marketing

None of these are obligatory, though.

The course is organised as part of the AR-for-EU project.