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Past UG/PG projects

MSc Computing

  • Sophie Kirkham (2016/17): Real-Time Auditory Biofeedback System for Forearm and Hand Movements (Oxford Web Applications Prize for the best dissertation in Computing)

MSc by Research

  • Rob Hillmann (2018/19): Benchmarking Virtual Reality Control Methods

BSc Computer Science

  • David Tapping (2017/18): Providing a proof of concept for how Microsoft Hololens and Vuforia can augment processes in the assembly of automotive vehicles by utilising image recognition and holograms
  • Steven Andrews (2018/19): How can Mixed Reality improve the viewing and analysis of information? (Architecture visualisation of the new Helena Kennedy building on our Headington Campus with Augmented Reality on the Microsoft Hololens)
  • Alain Schaller (2018/19): Bring them the world (Augmented Reality Story Telling App for Microsoft Hololens), Hochschule fuer Technik und Architektur Freiburg, Switzerland